How Do You Destroy Old X-Rays?

How Do You Destroy Old X-rays?

If you’re like a lot of Aussies, you have a pile of old x-ray images you don’t know what to do with. So, how do you destroy old x-rays?

Whether you have a personal collection, or you’re in the radiology business, you’ll be all too familiar with how quickly films can pile up, hogging precious space and cluttering your home or workspace.

That’s where iShred can help! Our onsite shredding service will completely destroy your x-ray accumulation, keeping your space organised and secure!

An Environmental Nightmare

While many will simply send unnecessary x-rays to landfill, this is not something we recommend. Apart from containing potentially sensitive information, x-ray film is packed with chemicals, making them harmful to the environment. They will remain in the landfill for years, further clogging our already damaged Earth.

How do you destroy old x-rays? Shred them!

Once we learnt about the potential damage x-ray film can do to our environment, we felt we had to step in. We created a tailor-made service aimed at doctors, orthopaedics, hospitals, and other medical professionals to help solve their x-ray waste problem in an environmentally friendly manner. 

We bring the facilities required to safely and securely destroy x-rays to you, so they never have to leave your home or clinic. After we have rendered them useless through our industrial-grade shredders, we will ensure their proper disposal in compliance with the latest laws and provisions. 

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Protect Your Patients

No matter your business, your patients or clients are your most important assets. X-rays contain deeply personal information, and we’re sure clients wouldn’t be comfortable knowing they have been dumped for anyone to see. After shredding with iShred’s service, we provide you with a destruction certificate proving your compliance, allowing your clients to rest easy and trust in your business.

Add X-rays to Any Pile of Documents!

If you use our service for business or personal document destruction, feel free to include any x-rays you might have to the pile! Together with your old invoices, resumes, bills, and whatever else you may have, kill two birds with one stone and declutter your life by destroying your x-rays! 


To deal with x-rays the right way, contact iShred for 100% secure x-ray and document destruction today!  


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