How Proper Shredding Can Protect Your Client’s Privacy

How Proper Shredding Can Protect Your Client’s Privacy

Protect your business by having proper shredding services done by professionals.
Let iShred Onsite document destruction in Melbourne take care of your safe and secure shredding needs.

When having paper shredded for commercial and business uses, you want to make sure you get it done properly. To protect your client’s privacy, work with a company that cares about getting the details right so you can rest easy.

Why is it so important to protect your client’s privacy?

If a privacy breach occurs while you’re managing sensitive information from a client or business, your company will be liable. Improper shredding procedures can leave your client’s information vulnerable, which is why there are such strict regulations around shredding services. iShred dedicates itself to being as thorough and efficient as possible.

We specialise in privacy protection and will help your company comply with the most recent Privacy Act provisions. This means that all documents are destroyed according to code so that no vulnerable information can be found afterwards.
The team at iShred take many precautions to protect your privacy with our professional shredding services.

You can make use of our services anywhere with our secure on-site and off-site document destruction.

Take advantage of the full CCTV monitoring to keep track of every step of the process, making sure that nothing slips past security guidelines. You’ll also be provided with a document destruction certificate on the day to make it official.

iShred always makes sure to protect your client’s privacy in the most efficient, sustainable way possible.

Nothing goes to waste, as all shredded paper is 100% recycled afterwards. If this is a service that your company will regularly need, we can arrange for on-site bins to be left behind to save time.

To receive high-standard services in document shredding to protect your iShred’s privacy, get in touch with iShred in South East Metro Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula and Gippsland.

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