Identity Crime is Costing Australia $1.6 Billion every year!!!

A recent Attorney General’s report – “according to a report by the Federal Attorney Generals Department, identity crime in Australia is costing the country up to $1.6 Billion each year. This affects approx. 900,000 Australians.” “Credit card fraud was the highest classification and fraudulent transactions were made by using only the credit card details and not the physical card.”

To protect your personal and confidential identity/information iShred recommend you destroy it.

iShred provides a 100% guaranteed Onsite Document Destruction Service utilising the latest North American technology whereby any confidential documents are completely shredded into unrecognisable material; which is then recycled reducing landfill.

Over the past months we have received many enquiries within the Community regarding safe destruction of documents. We encourage householders to responsibly destroy their paperwork and take the opportunity to bring it down to our facility on the dates specified in our advertisement.

iShred also caters for small to large businesses with Regular Secure Bin cycles, Bulk Destruction and much more….

We are a local Australian owned business and support local business and the Community.

Contact information   P: 1300 763 688    www.ishred.com.au

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