The importance of a document destruction for businesses

document destruction for businesses
The importance of a document destruction for businesses
The reputation of a business is one of its most important assets. It can help to differentiate the business in a competitive market. It can also inspire consumer confidence and trust. It is important that the business takes the appropriate measures to keep this confidence and trust. That is why a secure document destruction strategy is vital for every business.
What type of businesses need document destruction?
All businesses collect sensitive information about their customers from their contact details to their credit card numbers. Therefore, all businesses will benefit from using a professional document destruction service. It is important to dispose of this information securely to maintain your customers’ security. Additionally, Australia has strict privacy laws, and it is important to destroy sensitive data or you will be in breach of the data protection act.
Accountant and Bookkeepers keep sensitive information about their client’s finances. This includes taxation records, corporate records, and financial and accounting records.
Doctors and other Medical Practitioners would have access to their patient’s personal medical history. This can include their sexual history, mental health history and medication history.
Private Investigators collect personal information from a variety of different people. The information may vary according to the task at hand: from finding a missing person to find out more about a person, company or situation.
Real Estate Agents possess confidential client information. This includes sales agreements, financial information, rental applications and contact details.
Banks and Financial Institutions are unsurprisingly privy to their client’s financial information. This includes tax file numbers, credit card information and loan applications.
Department Stores offering in-store credit cards collect information similar to a bank. In order to apply for a credit card, customers are required to apply for personal information such as their contact details and income.
Businesses that want to maximize space will also benefit from a professional document destruction service. Boxes of paperwork can take up space in the office. By destroying unwanted documents, it can create extra space.

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