The Importance of Shredding for Small Business Owners

Shredding for Small Business Owners

Shredding – Small Business Owners


Despite the move towards a paperless world, small and medium businesses owners produce a large amount of paperwork from invoices to salary slips, contracts to work orders. These documents contain important information such as details about customers and employees. However, a survey reported that only two-thirds of business owners think that invoices should be securely destroyed.
This is a worrying statistic. Invoices contain sensitive details about a business’ clients and vendors like their contact details and bank account number. By not disposing of the documents correctly, the company leaves them vulnerable to third parties with malicious intent, such as identity fraudsters.
The survey also highlighted that it was important for information pertaining to the company structure – such as business models, information on senior team members and competitor lists – should also be disposed of correctly. Rival companies can use this to their advantage.
A document shredding and archiving firm Russell Richardson emphasizes the importance of secure document destruction. ‘Simply throwing paper in the recycling bin will not eradicate its content – and neither will pushing papers into the cumbersome line shredders found in offices.’
Another argument for a sound document management strategy is space. By holding on paperwork, businesses open themselves up to unnecessary costs and complexity. It is harder to retrieve important information quickly when needed. A report by Cleardata found that: ‘many businesses are archiving critical business documents in weird and wonderful locations including sheds, basements and lock up garages… This can leave vital and sensitive information open to theft and damage and also make it difficult to find quickly if needed for legal or data compliance purposes.
Our professional document shredding service can be tailored for your small business needs. It will protect your business against data theft, helping you to uphold your reputation as well as your stakeholders’ safety. With our visible destruction service, you can watch your documents getting destroyed in a truck that comes to your premise. After the process, you will be given a certificate of compliance. We give you the peace of mind so you can focus on the important things: growing your business and doing what you love.

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