The importance of Using a Melbourne Document Shredding Service

Melbourne Document Shredding Service

Using a good Melbourne document shredding service is key when maintaining a secure business. Document and hard drive shredding protects your business and clients from fraud and ensures confidentiality.


Unfortunately, frauds take any chance they can get to expose confidential information. Sometimes we don’t realise the methods of destroying files we’re used to aren’t enough when it comes to fraud and leaked information. Basic shredding is insufficient for a business, especially one storing clients’ details.


It can be difficult to securely dispose of paper documents when your business has a lot of them. Gathering lots of files can easily lead to accidents and mistakes, and shreds from a basic shredder can be pieced back together to expose confidential details such as bank and personal details of your business and clients. Old documents may have no value to your business, but to frauds they’re priceless. It’s important documents are disposed of correctly, which is why using a Melbourne document disposal service comes in handy.


A secure Melbourne document shredding service such as iShred will ensure your paper documents are transported from your business to their facility securely. Once there, the documents can be shredded using intricate machines to keep any information confidential and impossible to piece back together.


Disposing digital files is a bit more complex than just deleting folders and formatting drives. There is no permanent deletion of files, so the only way to truly dispose of digital files is to completely destroy the physical drive. But reconstruction can happen if this is done incorrectly, so it’s crucial to have your drives destroyed by a professional Melbourne document shredding service.


A Melbourne document shredding service which offers hard drive shredding will totally destroy the drive in a special shredder. Like paper documents, the drives are securely picked up and destroyed. No remnant of information still present on the drive is exposed to anyone.


Choosing a Melbourne document disposal service like iShred is an important step in protecting your business and clients from fraud, scams and stolen identity. Your documents and drives will be dealt with safely so even the oldest or even now irrelevant information is kept confidential right up until its destruction.

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