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Construction is a very important part of our everyday lives.

The information shared and knowledge that is passed either digitally or on paper is equally as important. That is why you can trust iShred Document Destruction to protect the privacy of your construction company with our industry construction services.

It is true that most documentation is digital, however some paperwork may reside here and there in offices, portable work sheds and on the construction site. These locations may be secure, but for peace of mind, it is ideal to destroy these documents once a secure online copy is made!

There are a variety of items that need to be shredded as they accumulate. Some of the more common items include:

  • Blueprints – copyright plans and designs that are not needed as physical copies
  • Material Lists – lists of materials, quantities and uses that are confidential to a specific design
  • Receipts – receipts for materials, tools or other items
  • Past Client Information – data on clients that include sensitive information such as addresses, phone numbers, emails or bank account details
  • Past Employee or Contractor Information – sensitive data, again, including names, numbers, addresses and ABN or tax file numbers.
  • Accounts Data – statements relating to profits, costs and expenditure
  • Contracts – old contracts and unnecessary client information
  • Old uniforms/brochures
  • Data discs with valuable information

Our industry construction services aim to destroy any construction-related documents and data discs in a sufficient and professional manner, making sure to put your privacy first.

Our trusting crew will shred all documents onsite, to save your company the drive out to us. For added security, you can opt to observe the shredding with our CCTV service, allowing you to make sure the job is done to your satisfaction.

We understand the importance of information privacy in a very competitive world. Amongst the many different services, construction is a vital and driven field. This is why we pride ourselves in consistent and qualified industry construction services.

Contact iShred Document Destruction today for more information on how we can help you and your business.


Construction Document Shredding

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