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Do you happen to run your business from home? At iShred Document Destruction we are your go-to service for Industry Home Services.

Forget having to cart around a plethora of things to shredding companies and stay in the comfort of your own home and watch us shred your unwanted documents.

In this day and age, a home business is very popular because of many factors:

  • The expense of hiring an office is too much
  • A home office is (obviously) closer to home
  • You don’t need to jump between two locations to pick up documents
  • You are always at home, so your data is always secure
  • you have a balance between home life and work all the time

Many businesses have taken this route, however shredding and safe destruction of sensitive documents are just as important. This is why we have Industry Home Services at iShred.

For your convenience, we will shred your documents and other items onsite at your door. For added security, you will also be able to watch the shredding happen through our CCTV cameras.

As a shredding company, we know how much paper work and unwanted material you might have piling up, especially in a small home.

So, we also offer some storage solutions to aid in the destruction process, namely:

iShred Secure Document Bins

Our document bins are perfect to have in your office or garage. They are easy to move and have a self-closing lock to make sure your documents are safe. You may also chose between two sizes – 140 litre and 240 litre.

We empty your document bins ourselves and shred them at your home office.


Archive Boxes for Document Destruction

We also have archive boxes for your documents with the iShred label so you will always know which box is ready for shredding. It includes handles and a flip lid and is available in packs of 20 on singles.


For secure Industry Home Services and premium shredding right at your doorstep, contact us today at iShred – your leading professional shredding services.


Home Business Shredding

For your secure document shredding needs, get in touch with the team at iShred Document Destruction today

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