iShred Proudly Support the APFA

iShred are proud supporters the community and are involved in many organisations and events throughout the country.  iShred proudly support the APFA (Australian Police Football Association).


The APFA Inc. are a proud group of police officers and support staff from around Australia who meet up annually to participate in the National Police Football Championship (NPFC).

This year’s 2016 Championship event will be in held in Queensland during October. Further details to the specifics of the event will be forthcoming in the near future, iShred will be sure to let you know when these details have been announced and finalised.

The local Queensland APFA team, the Crocs, will be hosting the 28th NPFC. All involved are looking for a great success for the local tourism industry, and hoping for some great weather duing the Championship. The Championship comprises of nine games over three competition games, the eventual winning team us decided by the team with highest win / lose ratio.


iShred Proudly Support the APFA


iShred are excited for this year’s National Police Football Championship. If you would like to know more about the upcoming Championship, you can view their website at www.policefootball.com.au.





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