Legal Services Records Disposal

As you can imagine, those who work within legal services deal with a lot of sensitive and private information. From simple payment forms to the personal details of client’s lives and troubles, there is always a lot at stake.

For this reason, we have created a document disposal service aimed at law firms, courts and other professions within the legal sphere that will help protect your business and clients. 
iShred - Legal Services Records Disposal

iShred’s legal services records disposal service is relevantly simple. We destroy your legal records safely and securely in a controlled environment either at your location or ours. We use the latest shredders, designed to ensure that whatever you put in comes out completely unusable. We are also NAID-approved and provide a dated and detailed document destruction certificate.


If you work within the legal world, you would surely be able to appreciate the potential risks of information leaks. Failing to destroy records once they are no longer needed is not only bad for the person whose information they contain, but can also spell legal trouble as well as destroy your credibility. Criminals looking to steal information benefit from our neglect.


Australian Privacy Law has been written to protect us against this threat by forcing companies to destroy all personal data once it is no longer being directly used. While these laws are at times complex and convoluted, they are fair and necessary.


We can make complying with these laws easier on you by doing all the heavy lifting and hard work. We’ll cooperate with you to gather and sort through your legal documents to ensure everything is in order and that what needs to be destroyed is destroyed thoroughly and securely. All our workers are trustworthy and highly knowledgeable in Australian privacy law as well as effective and safe shredding techniques. 


Don’t waste your precious time on the tedious task of document destruction and risk mistakes and legal troubles. Give us a call on 1300 763 688 for a consultation about Legal Services Records Disposal from iShred.

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