Local Paper Shredding Services

Looking for Local Paper Shredding Services to safely destroy your documents? iShred is your first choice.

Local paper shredding services are indispensable for your home or business. Make space by clearing away the stacks of old paper documents, e-media, x-rays, and even old uniforms. You’ll not only create a neater working environment, but also keep your private information from getting to the wrong people.

What can I shred with Local Paper Shredding Services?

Paper shredding services will destroy any paper documents like bank statements, contracts, old newspapers, magazines, and marketing material. You can also safely dispose of e-media like flash drives, CD’s, portable drives, and the like. You’ll be clearing away your physical and digital clutter!

Local Paper Shredding Service

It’s an economical option

Professionals are your best choice for safe destruction and disposal of unwanted paper or digital materials. You will save on the time-consuming chore of using your own shredder – this is not ideal for larger volumes. An iShred service will take care of everything for you, quickly and easily. You can even have the flexibility of a fortnightly, monthly, or half-yearly service, depending on your needs.

Safety is a priority

Not only will you be clearing out your clutter, but you’ll be also preventing sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. Private details should stay just that – private. Anyone with a little knowledge can use your information for malicious purposes. i-Sigma approved services prevent such an occurrence.

All activity is fully monitored via CCTV and you’ll receive a certificate when the job is done. You can also relax knowing that you’re complying with the latest Privacy Act provisions, too.

Local Paper Shredding Services

Taking care of the environment

By using a shredding service, you’ll be doing you bit to help the environment. 100 percent of all paper shredded is recycled into countless other paper products. You also have peace of mind knowing that using a service to dispose of your old x-rays will prevent harmful chemicals from leaching into the ground. It’s a win-win!


Make some space in your workplace and stay safe while doing it. Contact iShred to book a service now.

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