Local Shredding Companies

Why You Should Use Local Shredding Companies

Fraud and identity theft are real problems today. You can prevent against these crimes by destroying your confidential documents. With local shredding companies, like iShred – servicing Melbourne wide, that’s easy!

There are countless benefits to using local shredding companies. It’s a convenient, secure and practical way to discard of your company’s confidential papers. Most importantly, private information will never get into the wrong hands.

Local Shredding Companies

Can’t I just do it myself?

Technically yes, you can shred documents at your office. That will, however, take hours to destroy a small amount using a small store bought shredder. Plus, they could still be reconstructed if someone is willing to go to such lengths. Moreover, you’ll have to discard of the shredded paper yourself. Hiring local shredding companies to take care of this menial task will be convenient and ultimately cost effective because you won’t have to invest in paper shredders and bin hire. We can come out to your workplace for scheduled, regular services (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) or on an on-call basis. Or you can have documents destroyed off-site if it’s more suitable.

Is it secure?

Complying with the latest Privacy Act provisions, we use a secure method of document destruction, and provide solutions to minimize the leakage of sensitive information. Whether on-site at your office, or off-site at a secure facility with CCTV and alarm systems, you can be assured it’s completely safe and efficiently done. We hold NAID membership and there will be full monitoring of shredding activity. Your documents will be shredded to the highest possible security level.

Is it environmentally friendly?

Help to save the planet! To reduce your carbon footprint, 100 percent of the shredded paper will be recycled. The pulp will be used to manufacture printing paper, cardboard boxes, egg cartons, toilet paper and a huge array of other paper products. Therefore, there will be zero chance of your sensitive documents being reconstructed. Everyone wins!

Fraud and identity theft cost businesses millions of dollars worldwide. Protect yourself and your company. Contact us at iShred for all your document destruction needs.

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