Medical Document Shredding Melbourne – Keeping Personal Information Safe

The importance of keeping medical documents safe cannot be overstated and Medical Document Shredding Melbourne is the answer!

Medical document shredding Melbourne guarantees that the highly sensitive information contained within will be utterly destroyed and rendered useless, keeping patients, businesses, and data protected at all times. 

Taking the Hassle Out of Security

We understand that transporting reams of medical documents, x-rays, charts, books, and more, to be shredded can be a hefty time-consumer. Those in the ever-busy and forever-stressful field of medicine and healthcare are always fighting against time and managing your own medical document shredding will take staff away from other important tasks.


Medical Document Shredding

With the medical and healthcare community in mind, iShred has designed a special on-site medical document shredding service to help clinics, hospitals, and more get on top of their obligations without wasting precious hours.

We’ll come to your site in Melbourne with industrial-scale shredder-equipped trucks fully monitored via CCTV. We’ll then take whatever documents you need to be destroyed, shred them, and recycle the unusable remains. With this, you can rest assured knowing that your information is safe, and the risk of a leak is drastically reduced.  


Medical Document Shredding Melbourne

The Importance of Document Shredding in Healthcare

While there is no set law in Australia specifically pertaining to the destruction of medical documents, businesses do have a legal obligation to destroy personal information collected for a purpose once it is no longer needed. This naturally includes medical records, which include a range of information from personal details to payment methods. It means records including medical ailments, procedures, prescriptions, and more. In order to protect your patients and whomever else interacts with your clinic or hospital, the utmost care must be taken to destroy these documents once they are no longer used. 


In the wrong hands, medical documents can cause all sorts of headaches. If you feel you don’t have the time to properly handle all your medical document shredding alone, then contact iShred today to organise a visit from one of our on-site shredding services! Your staff, patients, and business will thank you!


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