Medical Shredding Services – X Rays, Records, Payments, and More!

Professional Medical Shredding Services take the pain out of managing paperwork, data, and x-rays.

Out of all the documents we encounter in our line of work, medical records are some of the most sensitive. Brimming with deeply personal, extremely private information, the way medical professionals handle these records is a direct reflection on the quality of their practice.

Simply sending medical records to the landfill or recycling can lead to security breaches with insurmountable ramifications. Undoubtedly, the best method of dealing with them is enlisting medical shredding services to dispose of them in a safe and secure manner. 

Medical Shredding Services
Safe and Secure Medical Shredding Services

iShred’s specialised medical shredding service is on-site and handled by experts with the utmost privacy and security. We’ll come to your location with our industrial grade shredding machines, assisting as you watch obsolete records get obliterated into an utterly unusable state.

Why Destroy Medical Records?

“Why go to the trouble of booking a specialised shredding service when I can easily put them in my basement, or just throw them in the bin?”

Yes, we get this a lot! Unfortunately, there is a myriad of legal and ethical issues with this way of thinking.

Private data needs to be destroyed once it is no longer being used 

According to Australian privacy laws, personal information collected during the course of business or other transactions needs to be destroyed after a period of time, once it is no longer being used. During the course of even a routine check-up medical clinics collect payment details, phone numbers, addresses, names, medical history, and receipts. Each holds a wealth of information that can be used for nefarious ends.

Disposing of sensitive information via landfill or recycling is careless

Even in this digital age of online hacking, there are still criminals out there hunting for personal information from reckless businesses disposing of documents via landfill or council recycling services. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to open a bin – locked or unlocked – and obtain information that can ruin lives.

Keeping unnecessary documents is counterproductive

A storage space jam-packed with outdated documents is a waste and a hazard. Your business will run much more smoothly when properly organised, and your staff and customers will appreciate the effort you put into keeping a tidy and well-structured practice.

Medical Shredding Services

Show your staff, customers, and patients that you value their privacy while protecting yourself through our NAID-approved medical destruction service. Compliance certificates are available, so you can display your dedication to safety and run a trustworthy business with full peace of mind!

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