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Are you a Melbourne business owner who has old documents?

Protect your business with a Melbourne Secure Document Destruction service – the safest option for you and your business.

Shredding your old documents will not only protect yourself, but also the people you do business with. It will keep your employee’s information safe as their addresses, phone numbers, medical records and banking details may be stored on physical documentation. It is crucial that your employees are kept safe and their information is protected within your company.

A Melbourne Secure Document Destruction service also helps to save physical space and keep your document collection to the bare minimum. When documents start to pile up, your workspace can start to become unorganised. By shredding and destroying your old documents, you’ll free up your area, form a stronger sense of organisation and you’ll know it’s been done securely! Here at iShred Document Destruction, you can trust your shredded documentation will be recycled at a certified centre, giving you piece of mind whilst feeling economical and efficient.

Now, shredding files and paperwork is one thing, but what about digital items? Simply throwing away an old or computer hard drive or usb may be more dangerous than you think – even if all the contents are deleted. Once digital data is ‘deleted’ there is still a way for it to be retrieved, regardless how permanent it may seem. At iShred we can securely shred digital hard drives to ensure the digital data cannot be read ever again.

Our Melbourne Secure Document Destruction services here at iShred are aimed to make document destruction simple, easy and safe. We offer onsite document destruction so you don’t have to carry sensitive data anywhere except outside your door to shred. For added piece of mind, you can watching the shredding take place on our CCTV system so you know everything is gone for good.

Contact us today at iShred Document Destruction for more information on how we can help you securely shred your data.

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