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Victorian bands “Annihilist” and “Desecrator” played at “Shredfest” in Queensland in 2017, and in 2015 Melbourne ran its own “Shredfest” which was similarly focused on destruction. The reason for the Melbourne event, however, was Melbourne secure shredding – that is, the destruction of documents containing confidential information.

Melbourne secure shredding received a surge of interest prior to 2015, and for good reason: over 770000 Australians fell prey to identity theft in 2014 alone, with losses averaging $4101 for each individual victim. Steps have been taken by various parties – for example, “Identity Watch” (now “Equifax ID basic”) was developed. This is a service that tracks the illegal trading of confidential information in forums and alerts customers if there is a match. Fiona Long from Veda

There are various research projects that help businesses and individuals by giving tips on various ways to avoid identity theft, including taking care with online shopping. The Australian government also responded with the aforementioned “Shredfest,” and although this free initiative has subsided, numerous Melbourne secure shredding companies remain.

The motivation for secure document shredding in Melbourne stems from the need to protect or destroy paper documents. One strategy utilised in identity theft is to rummage around bins for confidential information, for example details on bank statements. Once this information has been obtained, the possibility of identity theft becomes more real.

Although it is difficult to see the need to outsource shredding for personal documentation, here at iShred we offer shredding services for offices, lockable bins, IT destruction and other services. With shredding comes the compliance with legal requirements that require companies to destroy confidential information after it has been collected – we value and respect these requirements and will work with you to completely destroy all senstivie information you need shredded.


We also stand by our green policy, which aims to reduce wastage and recycle documents with secure and trusted recycle plants.

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