Membership Records Destruction for Sporting Organisations

All over Australia, sporting organisations manage a continuous flow of memberships.  They come and go, some faster than others.  With so much information being collected and stored, it is vital that records are reviewed regularly and appropriate membership records destruction is undertaken for inactive files.

Most of our local sporting organisations are run by volunteer committee from their homes, but long gone are the days when the volunteer Secretary could keep an unsecured filing cabinet in the corner of the lounge room!

Members have entrusted personal details to these hard-working volunteers – names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, their children’s information and other critical data.  Even though volunteers work hard and dedicate time and energy to the club, it doesn’t mean they are exempt from stringent privacy laws that dictate the flow and security of personal information.

In fact, with much of the information relating to children, the stakes are even higher.  While it is one thing to keep the files secure, it is also important to ensure that inactive or obsolete files are destroyed securely.

Types of information kept by sporting organisations that might require secure membership records destruction are:

  • Paper files
  • USBs, DVDs or hard drives with sensitive data or images
  • Print photos and images, particularly of children
  • Digital and tape video
  • Receipts from membership payments
  • Records of children’s birthdays, addresses and phone numbers
  • Documents relating to sports-related injuries
  • Members’ medical and next of kin information
  • Plus many others!

iShred are experts in membership records destruction and take all measures necessary to ensure the privacy of past and present members is securely destroyed.

All shredded and destroyed materials are recycled responsibly, and clubs receive a “Certificate of Destruction” after completion.  This is a great way to give your sporting club members peace of mind that their personal information is in safe hands.

For more information on how iShred can assist with our secure document destruction services, contact us today or call us on 1300 763 688.

Membership Records Destruction

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