Military Uniform Destruction

Military Uniform Destruction

Military Uniforms present a powerful image representing authority, discipline, professionalism, security and protection. They are easily identifiable and should be worn only by those who have been trained to protect our country. iShred provides a safe and secure military uniform destruction services that ensures that your old and unused uniforms aren’t misused.

If these uniforms were to end up in the hands of criminals, spies, terrorists or a hostile state, it would likely result in a devastating blow to the safety and security of our country.

That’s why we implore the military and personnel to consider using our safe and reliable uniform destruction service. Our uniform destruction service can be done completely onsite and uses the most powerful shredders in the industry. They will make short work of even the toughest fabric and can even shred name tags, badges, hats and much more. The final product will be a completely unusable and unrecognisable pile of fabric which is then safe to dispose.

We make security our top priority. We have been working together with private companies for years to ensure the protection of their business through the destruction of sensitive data. Over the years we have built up a reputation in Melbourne as the go-to shredding service for those who take their company’s security and efficiency seriously. 

That’s why we have recently decided to offer our service to the military and other services in which their uniform is recognisable. We understand the seriousness of this step, and firmly believe our practices are worthy of such an important job. We feel we have the reputation and track record to back up our confidence. 

In addition, while you’re getting your uniforms destroyed, why not destroy documents too? We can help you get your systems and space organised by clearing out unneeded documents, making your workspace cleaner and more organised and thus improving the efficiency of the military and subsequent operations. We can also easily add CDs, DVDs, SD cards, hard drives and much more to the mix. 

So if you are in the military, and need uniforms or anything else destroyed, call us at iShred today for a consultation so we can work with you to help you protect our country.


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