Monthly Shredding Service

Monthly Shredding Service

Whether you’re working from home or at your regular workplace, you can benefit from a monthly shredding service. Old unwanted documents can be destroyed safely.

Paper documents or electronic, a monthly shredding service will take care of it all. Confidential information will never get into the wrong hands, and you’ll free up a lot of space. Now that is a relief!

Why do we need a professional service?

There are two main reasons for having a monthly shredding service. Firstly, it’s simple. You need more space. Be it physical space in your home office or workplace, or digital space, no one likes clutter. Secondly, everyone needs to stay safe these days. Identity theft and fraud are all too common. Innocent people all over the world lose millions of dollars each year when their confidential information is accessed. The more information you have out there, the higher the risks of your personal details being used for malicious purposes.

Monthly Shredding Service

You decide when

All businesses, home or otherwise, should ideally have a regular shredding service. However, if you have more items that routinely need disposing, you can arrange for a weekly or fortnightly service too. It’s your choice. Flexibility is key. You can even leave your storage containers behind (boxes, crates, bins etc) and they will be stored safely and neatly between visits.

A quality cost-effective service

This is a high quality fully secure on-site service in Melbourne. Your company will be able to comply with the latest Privacy Act provisions. You’ll be provided with solutions to minimise risk of sensitive information being leaked. Basically, everything will be destroyed to the point where nothing can be reconstructed.

Clear out the clutter from your office. And have peace of mind knowing your information will never get into the wrong hands. Arrange a regular shredding service with iShred today.

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