Moving Office Made Easy

Moving Office Made Easy

Moving Office can be a time consuming and tedious task. Packing up all the papers you have accumulated over time requires attention to detail.

As there are many things to consider when you are moving office, hiring professional services to help with the relocation makes all the difference. It can take the pressure off an already stressful time.

Ensuring that your sensitive documents are relocated and disposed of properly will keep your information secure. When moving office, these documents can become lost, unorganised or left behind.

iShred offers a professional document shredding and organisation service. If there are documents that are no longer needed or will not be taken into your new office, an onsite document destruction service can be provided. Onsite document destruction ensures the security of your information and allows you more time to get ready for relocation.

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With our professional service, you will not need to transport documents to a secondary location, which minimises the risk of misplacing any documents. All shredding activity is carefully monitored by iShred’s trained staff, further guaranteeing the safety of your information. Onsite bins can be left behind, which ensures that any documents waiting to be shredded are secure. If you prefer that your documents be destroyed offsite, that can also be arranged.

At the end of the shredding activity, all paper will be 100% recycled. iShred can also supply organised archive boxes if you need to hold onto documents while relocating, down-sizing, expanding or renovating.

iShred holds NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) membership, which will help you to comply with the latest Privacy Act Provisions. A document destruction certificate will be provided to you for your records as proof of the secure destruction of the documents.

Located in Melbourne, our team offers high-quality professional services that are both convenient and safe. Contact iShred to make moving office easier.

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