National Tree Day – Supporting Our Earth

When you look at trees you are reminded of the beautiful greenery and healthy oxygen they provide our Earth with.

But did you know there is a day where you can give life to more beautiful trees and other amazing plants? With the backing of their major sponsor Toyota, Planet Ark, for the past twenty-one years, have given us an opportunity on the last weekend of every July to give back to Mother nature.

Each year, around 3,000 schools Australia wide along with 300,000 students,  get involved in an event created specifically for children, called Schools Tree Day. This gives the students an opportunity to take in nature and really lend a helping hand. Trees are a big part of everyone’s childhood. Whether they were the safe base for chasing games or a climbing wall, we now have a chance to give our future generations the same privilege.

National Tree Day can also be used to plant all different types of plants so it is not just limited to trees. There are many ways plants can help with climate change so why can’t we start to help them too? You can get involved with this wonderful event at home, at the work place, at school or even in your local community.  This year National Tree Day has had 235,427 people participating with 891,676 seedlings planted.

Here at iShred, we support environmentally friendly ideals and we always recycle shredded documents to better help our earth. We follow our ‘Green’ Policy meaning the end product is recycled through reputable paper recyclers and all shredded documents will not go to landfill. The paper waste is then transformed into consumable paper products such as tissues, egg cartons and paper towels.

Paper is one of the easiest products to recycle, however 40% of paper pulp is created from wood and paper production accounts for about 35% of felled trees! That is why we are pleased to have a sustainable and environmentally friendly service whilst destroying sensitive information properly to ensure quality data protection for you.


Contact us today at iShred for your next shredding service, and have a happy National Tree Day!

National Tree Day

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