New Year Clean Up Made Easy

With a few easy steps, this New Year Clean Up can be the best yet and pave the way for a whole new start.

At iShred, we love this time of year! It’s refreshing, energising and a great excuse to replace those bad habits with new, positive ones. It’s essentially a New Year Clean Up and there’s a couple of ways to make it even better.

New Year Clean Up Made Easy

Let’s not get overly complicated with this New Year Clean Up. If you keep your goals simple and realistic you’ll be more likely to achieve them. The first place to start is right in front of you. Once Santa Claus has left, pack up the Christmas tree and decorations and put away the opened presents. All that wrapping and gift card can be put out to recycling or handily shredded. Now you have clean slate to move onto your next task.

Is there a space in your house or business that you’ve been intending to clean up or convert? Maybe you need a new office, a revamped waiting area or a stylish guest room. Before you start with the refurb, start with decluttering. Any old paperwork, magazines, study notes etc can be quickly taken care of with specialised bins for shredding and collection. Once clear, you can then draw up a design, choose furniture and start decorating. Make the most of the holiday down time by creating a whole new feature in your home or business. Then tick this off your New Year’s resolution list and start enjoying the space.

Although end of financial year feels like a world away, now is a great time to get filing and other paperwork in order. Start the new year on an organised note and shred any documents that are not needed. Make it easy on yourself by arranging a professional service to get it done. Not only is it a fast, cost effective choice but it also keeps any private information confidential. Set up a simple, sensible method for filing going forward and you will be patting yourself on the back come tax time.

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you have the energy and motivation that a brand-new year brings. Talk to the team at iShred about helping out with your New Year Clean Up.