Move Over 2020 – New Year Cleaning for 2021!

Move Over 2020! New Year Cleaning for 2021!

It’s already November, which means it’s time to start thinking about tackling your New Year Cleaning!

This daunting New Year cleaning task, which will set the course for your business in 2021, shouldn’t be underestimated! During these difficult times, the forward-thinking shall be rewarded. Get ready for 2021 and thrive!

Leave it to the Professionals!

Our New Year cleaning service is tailored to businesses wanting a fresh start. Whether you are based in an office, warehouse, or at home, our professionals will come to your location, deal with your 2020 accumulation and get it out of your hair!

Secure Shredding for Your Sensitive Documents

Our team are experts in the latest Privacy Act provisions – we know what needs to be destroyed, and we’ve got the best tools for the job. Our state-of-the-art shredders can tackle entire books at once. They will happily chow-down on CDs, cases, cards, tapes, badges, and even uniforms!

Create Space and Reduce Fire Hazards 

You’d be shocked at how much space is being wasted by unnecessary documents. Old receipts, invoices, records, and resumes are common culprits! In today’s world, you can digitise most of the documents you need, otherwise it’s time to get rid of the clutter! These collections are also dangerous fire hazards that need to be tackled before disaster strikes, especially if they are stored in a warehouse.

Moving? Let Us Handle the Mess!

If you’re moving location, don’t add to the stress by bringing unnecessary baggage with you. We’ll destroy that backlog quickly and securely, allowing you to focus your attention on moving forward.

While 2020 was a disappointing year for many businesses across the globe, 2021 offers a chance to redeem this year and grow your business to new heights! Don’t waste this chance by being unorganised and ill-prepared.

Contact iShred and get your workspace in tip-top shape before the beginning of the new year.

New Year Cleaning

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