New Year Secure Document Destruction – Start 2022 Right

It’s the perfect time to have a big clean-out. Start 2022 off right with a New Year Secure Document Destruction service.

When you’ve been working from home for almost two years, you probably feel it’s time for a major clean-out. Begin the new year with secure document destruction. Clear out your clutter and regain your focus!

It’s not just about cleaning up a mess. It’s about staying safe with new year secure document destruction.

What exactly can be shredded?

Whatever you’ve got lying around can be shredded. Old financial documents, legal documents, contracts, old newspapers, magazines, schoolbooks, brochures, catalogues – and you’re not limited to just those. E-media like flash drives, portable hard drives, CDs and DVDS can be safely destroyed. You can even get rid of x-rays and old uniforms.

New Year Secure Document Destruction

A regular clean is the key

The way to keep your work environment clear and safe is by having the professionals do it for you regularly. You can book a clean monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly – it’s up to you and your needs. There are two options – on-site and off-site document destruction, and you can choose to have temporary storage too.

Safety is a priority

Not only will you be making the way for a more productive work environment, but you will also be getting rid of a potential fire hazard. Furthermore, we live in a world where private information can be obtained by the wrong people and used for malicious purposes.

iShred is an i-Sigma member, so you will be helping your company comply with the latest Privacy Act provisions. They provide a cost-effective and secure method of document destruction, providing solutions to minimise the risk of sensitive information getting into the wrong hands. A high-quality service is undertaken for all stakeholders. There is also full monitoring of shredding activity via CCTV. You’ll also be provided with a document destruction certificate on the day.

Make your work environment a tidier space so you can be more productive, while ensuring you, your business, employees, and clients stay safe. Book a service with iShred today.

For your secure document shredding needs, get in touch with the team at iShred Document Destruction today

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