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There is no better time than now to sort through your old unwanted documents. Proper Office Document Destruction is vital to ensure data safety.

Get rid of paper documents as well as digital information. Office document destruction will clear up much needed physical space, while also making it harder for third parties to use your details for malicious reasons.

What kinds of documents can I dispose of?

Office document destruction covers a wide range of documents. Firstly, paper documents such as bills, statements, receipts, outdated contracts, schoolbooks, medical records are fair game – any paper items that have been stacking up and aren’t needed anymore. Secondly, information that you’ve stored on USB drives, portable hard drives, CDs, and DVDs can be destroyed as well. This is especially important during this digital age, where anyone with know-how can retrieve and use your confidential details for their own gain.

Office Document Destruction
How often can I use this service?

You can choose between an on-site or off-site service, plus you have the freedom to choose your ideal service frequency. Depending on your needs, it could be fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Can I be sure this is safe?

iShred provides full monitoring of all shredding activity. Your information is destroyed by NAID-approved professionals, and a document destruction certificate is issued upon completion. You will be fully complying with the latest Privacy Act provisions. Be assured that your sensitive information will not be able to be reconstructed or fall into the wrong hands.

What about the environment?

Don’t worry about adding to landfill. 100 percent of our shredded paper is recycled into other paper products. Cardboard boxes, toilet paper, printing paper, egg cartons, milk cartons – there’s a use for all paper scraps!

Now is the perfect time to lose the clutter around your office and protect yourself from identity theft or any untoward actions. For peace of mind, book a service with iShred today.

Office Document Destruction

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