Office and Warehouse Clean Outs

warehouse Clean Outs
Office and Warehouse Clean Outs
Your organizational needs are constantly changing. You may be looking for a bigger space or your business may be overwhelmed with old stock, materials or paperwork.
For a business, space almost always equals revenue. More space leads to a better workflow, which can lead to higher productivity. At some point, you’ll need to organize an office or a warehouse clean out.
An office or a warehouse clean out can be stressful and time-consuming process. You will have to sort through and dispose of the things you don’t need. Our on-site shredding service can help ease the burden.
How does it work?
Our mobile shredding truck will arrive at your office or warehouse so that your documents do not have to leave the premises. Through a close-circuit monitor, you can witness the destruction of your documents to ensure that they are being destroyed.
Upon completion, we will issue you with a certificate of destruction. This is vital if your organization’s records retention or privacy protection practices are called into question. The certificate of destruction can address your liability.
Shredding documents that contain personal information will help keep your business compliant with the Data Protection Act.
Our process is thorough and safe to ensure your peace of mind.
What can you destroy?
We can help you dispose of sensitive information from paperwork to hard drives, securing the privacy of your clients and employees.
Types of documents:
– Client information such as personal details and contact information
– Personnel records such as employee tax files numbers
– Credit card bills
– Receipts and invoices
This information can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Identity thieves can use it to compile profiles of your clients or employees for financial gain.
The benefits of professional shredding services
The relationship between the business and the consumer is an important one. By shredding your discarded documents, you and your customer can be rest assured of their privacy and safety.
After we destroy your documents, we recycle them. Your trash becomes treasure from an environmental standpoint.
In comparison to in-house shredding, it helps you get rid of your documents in an efficient manner. Don’t waste revenue-generating time spent over the office shredder.

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