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Onsite document destruction is such an important consideration in many circumstances that some may overlook.

In both private and commercial environments, it’s important to consider the ramifications of documents and information being accessible. With the increasing number of cyber attacks happening in Australia, isn’t it time to really consider your privacy?

Finding a nearby on-site document destruction service has many benefits and it’s important to research for your own peace of mind

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Private use

Have you considered that when moving house, it’s pretty standard to clean out those old boxes and forgotten bags? As you’re going through all those things that you haven’t touched for years, perhaps decades, there will be things you no longer need. But some of those things could be sensitive in nature. This is also the case when you’re going through a deceased estate and sensitive information can be overlooked.

iShred’s onsite document destruction service can be the perfect solution.

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Commercial use

Think about the amount of confidential information that goes through any business in regard to stakeholders, employees, and business statistics and financials. It’s not worth the risk of letting any of that get out by cutting corners. Not to mention it could result in a breach of the current Privacy Act provisions.


The solution is on its way to you

The best way to minimize the risk of sensitive information being leaked is to engage a high-quality document destruction service that includes document shredding, disposal, and media destruction.

Finding a document destruction service that does on-site destruction means you don’t have to worry so much about getting the documents to them. This is especially important if you’re dealing with the emotional stress of moving house or clearing a deceased estate or dealing with potentially large amounts of data in regard to business.

A company that will come to you and take care of document destruction on-site will save you money and time while you can watch to ensure the job is done.

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Finding a document destruction service

When searching for ‘onsite document destruction services near me’, you will find that iShred offers services to the Knox area, South East Metro Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, and Gippsland regions.

We can come to you with our onsite document destruction service and will shred documents and products and take care of media destruction. We even recycle 100% of shredded paper and monitor all activities so that you know the destruction is complete. We provide a document destruction certificate on the day as evidence of a high-quality service.

Contact iShred now to discuss your circumstances and let us help you with your onsite document destruction needs.

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