Onsite Document Shredding Services

There are many risks to careless shredding. Reduce these risks with Onsite Document Shredding Services.

Professional documents are confidential from when they are made to the moment they are disposed of. It’s important to keep your company, personal or customer information private, and even more vital to dispose of this information properly. Professional onsite document shredding services keep your information secure and prevent any leaks that may come from run-of-the-mill document disposal methods.

Documents are also stored in formats other than paper. You can’t put a USB or CD through a standard office shredder. You can’t simply throw away a hard disk drive. Asking employees to get rid of documents in whatever way they please may pose a privacy or security risk. There are also compliance guidelines outlined in Australian privacy laws that many individuals are not fully aware of.

Onsite Document Shredding Services
The solution?

iShred offers onsite document shredding services for secure document disposal. Our team can come to your location on a regular basis (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly) or on call as needed. We can also provide archive boxes, document storage bags, and executive bins for easy and secure storage of documents in between visits. This helps you keep track of documents you may still have use for, as well as documents you need to safely discard from your office, home, or business.

Our onsite document destruction service securely eliminates unwanted information in compliance with the latest Privacy Act provisions. iShred provides a cost-effective, secure method of document destruction to protect you, your business, your stakeholders, and your customers. We minimise the danger of leaking sensitive information and ensure a high-quality service. All paper shredded is 100% recycled and other materials are disposed of according to professional standards. Our document shredding and disposal methods are NAID-recommended. With carefully monitoring guaranteed, your information will always be protected.

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