Paper Spring Cleaning – Paper Clutter Begone!

It’s that time of year again. The weather is warming up and the motivation is striking to get rid of the clutter in our lives! Paper Spring Cleaning can make a huge difference to your environment.

Paper spring cleaning is a great way to clear up space and make it easier to breathe. More importantly, it is also critical for safety and risk management within the home or office.

But what if you’ve finished the first step of the paper spring cleaning process and are left with a mountain of stuff to dispose of, only to feel completely exhausted and overwhelmed at the thought of it?

That’s where a professional shredding company like iShred can help. It’s easy to feel “over it” after the sorting has been done and be tempted to throw it all in the recycling or garbage bin. Unfortunately, this can be a privacy nightmare and a huge risk for businesses and individuals.

All organisations in Australia are subject to strict Privacy Act regulations and failing to dispose of paperwork securely is a BIG no-no! Imagine that information getting into the wrong hands. You not only put your customers and affiliates at risk, but you also risk your own business – a breach of regulations and a hefty legal battle can destroy even the strongest of companies.

Paper Spring Cleaning - Privacy Breach Skip Bin

It’s not just the legal matters to consider. Excess paperwork is also a fire and safety risk. Check out our recent article about Fire Risk Management to find out more and access our handy Risk Management Checklist.

Deal with it properly – and quickly – the first time…

If you have archive boxes or piles of obsolete paper that need to be dealt with, don’t wait till you have some spare time to shred and dispose of it. And definitely don’t cut corners getting it all out of your space for good.

Contact the i-Sigma approved document shredders at iShred. We’ll destroy and dispose of your paper spring cleaning waste quickly and efficiently, in accordance with the Privacy Act. We’ll even provide a certificate of destruction on completion, confirming that it’s completed securely, before sending it off for recycling.

Get in touch with us to find out more or book a service.

Paper Spring Cleaning Document Shredding

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