Police Uniform Destruction

Police Uniform Destruction

Police uniforms carry respect, authority and responsibility. We place our trust in those who wear them and seek them in times of trouble. That’s why, when the time comes for uniform replacements, it is extremely important that old police uniforms are disposed off in the correct manner. Trust in a reputable company like us at iShred for your police uniform destruction.

iShred provides a safe, secure and reliable destruction service that will obliterate even the toughest and sturdiest uniforms rendering them completely unusable. 

Due to the weight of responsibility and privileges bestowed upon the police in the interest of public safety, police hold a tremendous amount of power in our society. This means that, if a police uniform were to be used for nefarious ends, serious damage could be done. 

For example, if a criminal planning on stealing something were to wear an official police uniform, they could potentially enter any building in broad daylight, gain access to restricted areas, take what they need and leave without anyone even knowing what had really occurred. And this example is one of the less serious potential crimes that could be carried out with only a police uniform. Truly, a police uniform is the golden ticket for any criminal.

Aside from the impact of the crime, the reputation of the police would also take a serious hit, as well the public’s trust and confidence. Even if no crime is committed, the image of a discarded uniform in the tip would be a terrible blow to the police’s image.  

For this reason, we have begun appealing for police stations to use our service to help protect the safety of the public and preserve the police’s standing in our society. 

Our service can be completed from start to finish at your station or other site, meaning that the uniforms will never leave the area. Depending on the material, many parts of the uniform can also be recycled, thus mitigating waste and helping the environment

Protect your station and the public by using iShred’s safe and secure police uniform destruction service. Call for a quote and more information today!

Police Uniform Destruction

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