Privacy Awareness Week 2018

Privacy Awareness Week 2018

Privacy Awareness Week 2018

Privacy Awareness Week 2018 is here!

Privacy Awareness Week 2018 or PAW, if you prefer acronyms, is an annual event started by the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities forum, APPA, which is held every year to promote and raise awareness of the importance of protecting sensitive data and personal information.

With the recent media coverage of large corporations that have failed in its duty to protect customers’ data, the importance of protecting privacy is now more critical than ever for businesses.

Privacy Awareness Week 2018 is technically held from Monday the 14th to Saturday 19th May 2018; however, events are happening through most of May, and awareness campaigns, promoting the importance of protecting privacy.

Privacy in the Digital Age

This year’s privacy awareness theme is Privacy in the Digital Age, and aims to inform business and individuals of their duty to protect personal information.

One of the most challenging things about protecting data in the digital age involves erasing it, which is virtually impossible to destroy under normal circumstances.

That’s why many businesses are now turning to mobile secure shredding services to get professional assistance from service providers who can destroy the data… permanently.

Secure document shredding services provide an essential safeguard against the theft of intellectual property and protect sensitive data. Every business collects confidential information and Privacy Awareness Week 2018 aims to spread the word about digital data security.

Onsite Digital Device Destruction

Secure document shredding services can also dispose of forms of media like laptops, DVDs, CDs, hard drives, tapes and even uniforms, reducing them to indecipherable mounds of refuse.

Some can offer tailored solutions for the business or provide mobile shredding services and ensure the data is not lost during transit.

A business with a reputation for inadequate security is unlikely to survive for long if clients and employees can’t trust the organisation to keep them safe.

Facebook has discovered this, and time will tell if customers will abandon the Commonwealth Bank for their failure to protect customers’ data.

Laws and regulations ensure that every business is bound by law to protect their customers, employees and anyone else whose data they have in their possession.

Privacy Awareness Week 2018 officially ends on the 19th, but its message is relevant year round. Privacy Awareness Week 2018 is a great time to spread the word in the workplace.

Start a conversation about the importance of privacy, and to have a secure way to protect and destroy data.

If you need to get serious about data security in your workplace or home, contact iShred today. We’ll get your secure shredding needs sorted!

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