Private Document Shredding with iShred

Do you have personal or confidential documents lying around, whether at home or in your office? iShred can help take care of your private document shredding needs.

If you have confidential documents or sensitive information in your possession, it is important to properly dispose of those documents that are no longer in use. Private document shredding is the answer to destroying any information that is old or outdated, from old tax documents to insurance policies.

Private Document Shredding with iShred

With the End of Financial Year approaching, now is the perfect time to get your records in order and clear out the documents that need destroying. Before you do so, however, it is of utmost importance to you and your business that you do so in a manner that is fully secure and reliable. This is where iShred Document Destruction can help. iShredare a NAID-certified service, providing both on-site and off-site document destruction where we come to your home or place of business to collect and destroy your documents. To ensure you or your company complies with the latest Privacy Act provisions, we provide a cost-effective, fully secure method of data destruction, ensuring a high-quality service is undertaken at all times. As well as the full monitoring of all shredding activity, 100% of all paper shredded is completely recycled and, for peace of mind and proof that your documents have been disposed of in compliance with information industry regulations, you will be presented with a document destruction certificate at the end of the process, showing that you have taken the proper steps to adhere to privacy standards, and minimizing the risk of loosing sensitive information.

The End of Financial Year is only a short while away, which means now is a great time to get organised and set up–or renew–your filing system and tackle your private document shredding. Anything with personal information on it should be considered sensitive information, which could even include documents like half-filled forms, along with tax file numbers, superannuation documents, ID’s, passports, or house deeds and mortgage documents.

With iShred, we not only make it secure and reliable, but we make it easy.