Problems Vanish When You Shred On Site!

When you choose to Shred On Site, your clutter and paper problems vanish before your eyes!

There are many wonderful things about booking a document destruction company that offers a shred on site service.

After all, what could be better than watching all that junk disappear, never to bother you again? In addition, when the iShred truck leaves after your shred on site job, you can relax knowing that any information on the shredded material is kept safe.

Shred on site with secure bins

To make things even easier for you, iShred can provide lockable bins for you to keep at your premises in the leadup to your service. These bins keep the contents secure while you sift through files and archive boxes.

Shred On Site

Your service, your way

At iShred, there are no rules around how many services you must have, or around frequency. Choose a one-off service for those big purges. You can also arrange a regular routine service to help you keep on top of the paper and e-media clutter.

E-media… no problem

Yes, you read correctly! iShred doesn’t just destroy paper. We can help you clear the backlog of e-media litter that you’ve been too worried to throw into the skip or on hard rubbish. And your concerns are well-justified. E-media devices such as hard drives, USB sticks, and old backup DVDs and CDs can pose a major security risk is not dealt with carefully.


Australia’s privacy laws are very strict when it comes to how to handle sensitive information, whether your own or somebody else’s. A security or data breach can mean the end of an organisation. This is especially so if it results in litigation or investigations by governing bodies.

Clear the chaos and keep your business or private information safe. Get in touch with the iShred team today and arrange your on site shredding service.

Shred On Site Melbourne

For your secure document shredding needs, get in touch with the team at iShred Document Destruction today

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