Product Destruction

Product Destruction - office

You can revitalise your workspace by destroying old and unneeded products. Our well-priced product destruction service will come to you for on-site destruction or take your products to be destroyed at a secure location. Our service includes the destruction of documents, brochures, uniforms, stationary, pieces of technology, foodstuffs and much more.

Why use us? Here are a few good reasons why we can be of benefit to you!

Product Destruction - Office

An Efficient and Effective Workspace

It is often said that our mental state is affected by the character of our surroundings. A workspace cluttered with old and outdated merchandise, equipment and products is a physical and mental burden on any company or person. You can ensure you and your staff are working at maximum efficiency by providing them with a clean, open and organised space. You’ll notice your productivity increase almost instantly!

Product Destruction - Cleaning

Onsite or Offsite

We can operate at any location. If you don’t want your unneeded products leaving your property, we have the equipment and ability to complete the job without taking anything outside. This will give you invaluable peace of mind if the products are of a sensitive nature. If you just want your unneeded products gone ASAP, we can simply pack everything up and take them to our location to be securely destroyed. The choice is completely yours.

Product Destruction - desk

Minimal Effort for You

Some products are very difficult to move and destroy, which is why many offices, warehouses or storage areas are littered with unusable inventory. We understand that sorting, moving, checking, and, not to mention actually having the correct equipment to effectively destroy products can be a massive headache. We can ensure that your products are taken care of, and we’ll handle all the work, meaning more time for you to worry about the important things!

If you have unwanted products in your office, warehouse or storage room, contact ishred today!

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