Professional Clothing Shredding Services

If you own uniforms that you no longer require, you must entrust a fully certified clothing shredding service to the task.

iShred can provide this clothing shredding service, in a reliable, professional, and cost-effective manner, so that you can dispose of old uniforms accordingly.

Uniforms and identifiable clothing that are no longer in use should be securely destroyed for several reasons. The impersonation of employees by obtaining old work uniforms poses a possible danger to any business or corporation. A person wearing an old uniform could gain illegal access to secure areas or facilities, where company intellectual property can be stolen, identity theft can be committed, or other illegal activities can be taken part of while representing the company they are in uniform for. This can damage company reputations, even if the uniform was to fall into the wrong hands and simply be used in an unprofessional manner or setting. There is only one way to reduce the unauthorised use of your company’s old or obsolete uniforms, and that is by securely destroying them. Examples of high-risk industries that should seek out iShred’s clothing shredding services are the military, police, or security guards, bank and armoured staff, airline staff, emergency or first-responder services, or any uniforms with clearly displayed corporate logos.

Professional Clothing Shredding Services

As well as clothing shredding services, iShred can take care of your data or document destruction needs as well. We can destroy CDs, DVD’s, mechanical hard drives, server drives, tapes, USB sticks, or even mobile phones, along with documents that should be considered sensitive such as anything containing personal information like deeds, mortgage documents, passports, tax file documents, or IDs.

iShred are NAID certified, and complete full monitoring of our shredding activity, with 100% of all paper recycled and can undertake our services both on-site and off-site. At the end of the process, you will be granted a destruction certificate, confirming we adhere to the highest security measures and standards of ethics when it comes to the handling and destruction of your clothing and documents.

Take the correct steps to protect your company’s identity and IP while protecting your employees from potential harm. Trust iShred to take care of your clothing shredding needs.