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Did you know that identity theft costs Australians more than $2 billion a year?


Businesses often possess large amounts of confidential and sensitive data. From intellectual property to customer information, it is important to dispose of paperwork securely. It is so easy to companies to fall victim to identity theft or scams due to information used off of a stolen document. In fact, individual tax file numbers can be used to get into their employers’ payroll systems. That is why all businesses should take care of themselves, and their customers with a professional paper shredding services.


The shredding services also include destroying digital information. This is important in the age of the Internet, smart phones and social media. Data is an important business asset. All electronic systems run a business would contain important information such as the company’s financial plans, sensitive information about the company’s customers, and the products and services the company offers. Therefore, it is important that it remains secure.

A data leak could endanger your endanger your company’s reputation. Your customers will lose faith in your business if their sensitive information – such as their contact details, addresses and credit card information – is obtained by an outside party. The damage could be irreparable.


A professional shredding service will save you not only money but time spent trying to rectify this mistake. It can stop sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.

It is more reliable than in-house methods of document destruction for several reasons:

–       Under the Data Protection Act, companies must have the right protocols in place to prevent data breaches. A professional shredding service will issue a certificate of destruction after completing this job. This is a legal document that proves that the documents have been shredded in a confidential manner.

–       All paper documents are recycled once they are shredded. This can be an extension of your Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

–       It saves time and money. An office shredder can only take a few pages at a time making it an inefficient and time-consuming process.

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