Residential File Clean-up

Now is the perfect time to clear clutter from your home.

A residential file clean-up will free up space and have your home feeling like new.

As paper and other materials build up around your home, it becomes a much bigger challenge to clean it yourself.

A residential file clean-up by professionals is just what you need to gain back your living space.


A Residential File Clean-Up Makes a World of Difference

iShred are a trusted document shredding company in Melbourne, committed to clearing your clutter in a safe manner.

They recently cleaned a residential household lounge room that had piles of unwanted paper and other materials.

Over the COVID 19 lockdowns and beyond, it is not uncommon to accumulate stacks of materials that really aren’t needed anymore. 


Prevent potential health hazards

Having too much paper buildup can become a safety issue too. Firstly, they present a significant fire hazard. There are also potential health risks, such as it was with iShred’s recent work.

With less available space for household occupants to clean, damp and enclosed spaces led to black mould on windows and white mould on furniture. Both types are certainly not ideal and can have adverse effects on some individuals.

Shed Clearout document destruction (1)
Residential Shed Clearout document destruction (3)




Protect your private information

Aside from physical advantages to having a clean-up, you can keep confidential information away from people who may use it for malicious purposes.

Financial or legal documents bearing important details about you and your loved ones should be destroyed and discarded correctly.

iShred are i-Sigma members, and there is full monitoring of shredding activity via CCTV. You will be given a document destruction certificate upon completion.


Flexibility and practicality

iShred doesn’t just do one-off jobs. You can hire them to do a regular clean as often as you need. Onsite bins can even be left behind.

You can have just about any paper item shredded, as well as e-media like flash drives, CDs/DVDs. Even x-rays can be disposed of.


The environmentally-friendly option

Getting iShred to destroy and dispose of your items is an eco-friendly decision. 100 percent of paper shredded will be recycled into other paper products.

Moreover, you can have peace of mind knowing that e-media and x-rays will not leave chemicals in the environment.

Be safe and clear out your clutter the right way. Contact iShred to arrange a time that suits you.

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