Residential Shredding Services – Clear Your Personal Clutter

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare, a mountain of paperwork and no idea what to do with it. The best solution is to use iShred’s Residential Shredding Services.

You’re probably thinking you could just throw all the paperwork in the rubbish bin. You can, but what happens if it falls in the wrong hands? Using our residential shredding services is a safe and secure way to eliminate your unwanted paperwork.

Residential Shredding Services - Clear Your Clutter

Clear the personal paper and email clutter in your home and breathe easier with our residential shredding services and you’ll save yourself time, stress and a whole lot of worry.  Plus, because we are a fully professional and mobile service,  you have the added benefits of us not only bringing everything you need to you but also taking it all away again, what more could you ask for?

We’re a Melbourne-based company and we provide a cost-effective and secure document destruction service both onsite or offsite. If you feel you need time to sort your clutter, we can arrange to leave the bins behind and come back to collect them when you’re done.

From old bank statements, paperwork you filed many moons ago and just held on to, right down to old receipts that you don’t need any more or even your super ancient tax files, we can help you dispose of it in an easy and timely manner. And if you’re wondering what kind of impact you’re leaving on the environment when it’s all done, that’s the best part. All paper we shred is 100% recycled. That’s right, nothing is wasted!

In addition, iShred is an iSigma member, so you can rest easy knowing that all the privacy boxes are ticked!

So if you’re looking to do a clean out of all your unwanted paperwork, give iShred a call to organise your residential shredding services.



Residential Shredding Services - Clear Our Your Home Clutter

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