Safe and Sound – Onsite Document Destruction

At iShred, we strive to provide premium onsite document destruction, that ensures confidentially.


What do you do at iShred?

To maintain order and business-savvy among companies, we take on the task of onsite document destruction and make it risk-free and cost-effective. We understand the sensitivity of document destruction and the importance of it for our clients, so we aim to ease your mind of social media horror stories and doubts of your information safety.

We are glad to assist your business, whether it is weekly, fortnightly or monthly to destroy documents or electronic data in a way that complies with current legislation.


What does Onsite mean?

Businesses can bring their data to destroy at our facility in person or we can come to your business or storage unit with our equipment and safely destroy your documents onsite. Our onsite document destruction relieves your business of time-consuming manual shredding by bringing our specialised vehicles equipped with our own shredding tools to you.


How do I know it’s safe?

Our trusted service will effectively shred any type of business documents or electronic data securely, with the option to watch the process through our CCTV system.

We have a ‘Certificate of Destruction’ for each shredding that takes place and we also offer a legal audit trail for confidential and sensitive documentation.


Do you only destroy documents?

iShred destroys several things including documents (papers, files, binders), electronic data (hard drives, and data discs) and other physical items (uniforms or business paraphernalia with expired logos or misprints). Our premium onsite document destruction service will demolish all types of material that pertain to your company.

To ensure safety of data and expired information (e.g. too many letterheads with a misprint or old logos, old uniforms, bank statements and marketing plans), it is recommended to securely destroy these items to reduce the risk of theft of identity, company marketing concepts and other copyright material.


Safe and Sound – Onsite Document Destruction from iShred

For any businesses searching for a respectful and professional shredding service, contact iShred today. We can assure quality and legal services for your onsite document destruction.

Our clients identity is protected by iShred.

Onsite Document Destruction

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