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Make sure you are following the best practices for Product Disposal in your business – the last thing you want is for products to fall into the wrong hands.

Product disposal can be a tricky process filled with legal landmines. That’s why, if you need products, such as credit cards or electronic media, destroyed, it’s best to leave it to the professionals so you can get on with running your business!
What is Product Disposal

Product disposal means that disposal of usually small, yet important items that require a higher level of care than simply throwing them away in the rubbish.

Generally, this would apply to items that contain sensitive information, like old credit cards, which can result in catastrophic consequences in the wrong hands.

To ensure that these products are 100% destroyed and no longer pose any threat, we use a sophisticated and advanced shredding system that turns whatever it’s fed into an unintelligible mess that cannot be put back together. These scraps are then recycled.

We can complete the entire process at your worksite so that your products won’t ever leave your building. We can also take them to our secure shredding facility, whereby we guarantee they won’t be seen again. It doesn’t matter how small your load is, if you need it shredded, we’ll be there!

Product Disposal
What organisations need secure Product Disposal?

Our shredding service is perfect for businesses who deal with and amass large quantities of products. Despite our digital age where most things are saved on computers, we understand that it’s still vital for businesses so use and save information on physical devices. IT companies, banks, law firms and retail shops are some of our biggest customers.

What are the laws?

In Australia there are a number of fundamental privacy laws. One of the most important to remember is that you must ‘de-identify or delete unsolicited personal information as soon as is practical.’ This basically means that any client, employee or other personal information must be taken care of once it is no longer needed. If you ignore this law, and you are the victim of a data breach, severe consequences will apply.

Why you should choose iShred

That’s why it’s best to get on top of product disposal by leaving it to us! Our service takes into account all the latest Privacy Act provisions, so we know what to look for! We will make sure you’re on the right side of the law. Our service comes with a Document Destruction Certificate, so you can prove your compliance each time.

For the highest-quality secure product destruction, contact us today!

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