Secure Destruction Services – Not Just Paper

When most hear the word “shredding,” reams of documents being turned into paper strips often come to mind. But iShred’s Secure Destruction Services aren’t just about paper.

While the iShred team prides itself on all things paper destruction-related, this is merely the beginning of what our secure destruction services and industrial-grade shredders can do for you!

Secure Destruction Services - Not Just Paper

Alongside paper, our shredders can handle a plethora of additional materials, including the following:

  • E-media: Discs, USBs, and other digital storage media can pose just as large a security threat as paper. While password protection can be enabled, it can often be bypassed by hackers. Also, companies with an abundance of data will likely not have the resources to rewrite thousands of CDs, USBs, etc. Our machines will make short work of these devices, protecting your information and securing your company.
  • Uniforms: Changing uniforms for a fresh look is a great idea. However, securely getting rid of outdated uniforms can prove a serious challenge. Naturally, the temptation to simply put them in landfill is difficult to resist. Having old uniforms fall into the wrong hands, particularly if they represent any sort of authority, could lead to disaster. Uniforms, buttons, trimmings, and more will all be utterly obliterated in our shredders.
  • ID Cards, Badges: Like uniforms, ID cards and badges can be used to access restricted areas, gain sensitive information, and more, making them a golden ticket for criminals. Even if your cards and badges have computer chips in them, they will be rendered completely unusable by our shredders in a matter of seconds.
  • X-Rays: Alongside records and information, x-rays should be securely destroyed to ensure total patient confidentiality. Despite the difference in material, x-rays are no more resistant to shredding than paper, making it easy to slip them in alongside the rest of your document destruction load.


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