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Privacy is the currency of private investigators. It is in your job title and the job description. As a private investigator, you are privy to information – personal or sensitive – about a variety of different people. Your clients expect your discretion and confidentiality when dealing with private information.

Furthermore, you must comply with the Information Privacy Act, which covers not only how personal information can be collected and used but also how it should be stored and disposed of. The guidelines vary from state to state, and it is important that you are not in breach of the laws.

The type of information you collect can vary on the task at hand: from finding a person to finding out more about a person or situation.

This may include sensitive data such as:

– Names

– Contact Details

– Photo images of specific individuals/ places

– Video footage

– Requests for police checks

– Information on court proceedings

Many private investigators specialize in different areas of information gathering. A legal private investigator helps attorneys to prepare for litigation, find witnesses, serve court documents, as well as collect and analyze important elements. The information gathered is sensitive covering evidence and other legal documents.

A corporate investigator conducts investigations from companies employing them. This may include collecting information about the employees, or about crimes perpetuated outside the organization.

A financial investigator helps banks and accounting firms to locate hidden assets.

After you have finished with your case, you want to destroy the documents so they do not fall into the wrong hands. That is why a secure document destruction service can help you protect you and your client’s reputation. Not only is it more efficient than destroying it yourself, you will receive a certificate of destruction for your own peace of mind. We understand that you keep sensitive information on a variety of mediums: we can take care of all your document destruction needs from paper records to hard drive destruction.

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