Secure Document Destruction Melbourne – Preparing for the New Financial Year

Get ready for the new financial year with professional Secure Document Destruction Melbourne.

At the end of every tax year, businesses end up with stockpiles of financial documents. These financial documents are confidential and are vulnerable to a security breach. So what do you do when the retention periods of these documents have expired? You choose secure document destruction Melbourne to help get rid of the paper clutter!

Sp, If you are looking for secure document destruction in Melbourne, then read on.

Secure Document Destruction Melbourne

Real-time and visible onsite and offsite destruction

When it comes to onsite destruction, you can rest assured that within minutes of your bin being emptied, your documents will be transformed into tattered pieces of paper. You can even watch your documents get transported to the mobile shredder, then lifted from the conveyor belt, dumped into the hopper, and shredded to bits.

Secure document shredding involves iShred picking up your documents, before emptying your shred cabinets into industrial-grade shredders, and recycling the destroyed paper.

All shredding works are recorded to ensure security. iShred is also an i-Sigma member, which means they know the secure shredding business inside and out. This experienced team is also well-versed in everything to do with the Privacy Act, and that knowledge is a win for your business!

Provide increased security in a green manner 

Secure document destruction companies handle sensitive information that you are not comfortable with your competitors and employees seeing. This includes health and insurance information, financial records, co-workers’ salaries, confidential marketing, business plans, and so forth. And what’s best about outsourcing shredding demands? It is completely environmentally friendly!

Secure Document Destruction Melbourne EOFY

Provide destruction certificate on the same day 

A secure document destruction company offers a destruction certificate on the same day, right after your service. This document displays the location, date, and time of the shredding service.

Reduce liability and protect crucial information with Secure Document Destruction Melbourne

Maintaining a large number of hard copies leaves your company susceptible to corporate espionage, identity theft, and even data breaches. So, if your organisation has decided to go paperless this new financial year, call for a reliable document destruction service today!

It will save time, money and ensure compliance, assuring there is never a backlog of documents awaiting destruction. So, if you are a business looking for secure document destruction in Melbourne, then contact iShred today.



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