Secure Document Destruction is vital for all types of businesses, especially those that deal with highly sensitive information. Protect your business, clients, and staff.

Today, the threat of identity theft is very real. Secure document destruction will safeguard your confidential information, whether that information belongs to you, your clients, or your staff. Some industries like legal, medicine, finance, or education are more at risk than others.

Why use Secure Document Destruction?

Be it digital or hard copy, when data becomes obsolete, it needs to be destroyed safely. Every business, big and small, will have sensitive information about their clients and staff. Safe disposal methods must be used and the best way to do that is by using a professional document shredding service.

Secure Document Destruction Melbourne

What can be destroyed?

In a digital world, much of our information is stored digitally. But old paper documents will no doubt fill any office, as will e-media like hard drives, flash drive, CDs, and DVDs. In medical environments, X-rays will stack up. Even old uniforms are on the table. A professional shredding service will take care of it all.

How safe is it?

Anyone with enough knowledge can access information and use it for malicious purposes. To prevent this, iShred uses the latest technology to protect your data. Numerous security measures are taken to ensure private information stays private. All shredding activity takes place under CCTV monitoring, and you will be given a document destruction certificate. By using a professional service, you’re helping your company comply with the latest Privacy Act provisions.

 Secure Document Destruction

How often should it be done?

You can decide what’s best for your business. To prevent physical clutter around the office, a regular cleanout is always ideal. Simultaneously, you’re making sure no sensitive information will ever get into the wrong hands. You can use locked bins to hold items until they can be destroyed and discarded, and these bins can be kept on- or off-site.


Protect confidential information about your business, your clients, and your staff. Be sure to book a clean-out with iShred today.