Secure Shredding Bin Hire Melbourne

Secure Shredding Bin Hire Melbourne

If your business requires you to conduct document shredding periodically, it might be a good idea to consider a shredding bin hire company.

Think of all the times you’ve had to schedule document shredding- all that paperwork, the countless hours of monitoring, and the super-tight security arrangements- and to repeat it all over again.

It can be quite an exhausting activity!


Here’s where our secure shredding bins can be of help.

As the name suggests, these bins can take any data that you need to dispose of.

Do you have files, cards, resumes, contracts, letters, receipts, manuals, case studies- anything that needs to be discarded securely?

Then just dump them in one of our secure shredding bins, and they will later be opened by us at a time you find suitable to do all the shredding in one go.


Why you should use our secure shredding bin hire?

  • It can be tiring to spend productive hours at work on document shredding. This can be even more frustrating when you have to spare time for this activity every few weeks. With a bin, you can lock up to-be-shredded documents and handle them all together at a frequency you decide.


  • We take care of most of the work. All you need to do is keep the bin indoors and in a safe place that cannot be accessed by anyone. On the stipulated date, we will arrive at the destination with our shredders and ensure that the shredded paper is recycled too.


  • It is safe! We are an i-Sigma member (i-Sigma, formerly NAID), and we also monitor the shredding activity via CCTV facilities in our centre. Once we are done, we also provide a certificate of shredding completion.


  • We also have bins in different sizes so you can choose the most suitable size for your needs. We will be happy to swap if you suddenly have bigger shredding requirements!


We are super secure and safe and understand the sensitive nature of the activity.


Plus, we have been in the document shredding business for years and have earned the goodwill of several top businesses in Melbourne.

If you are looking to hire secure shredding bins in Melbourne, give us a call today, and we will be happy to assist.





For your secure document shredding needs, get in touch with the team at iShred Document Destruction today

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