Secure Shredding Services for a New Business World

Secure Shredding Services are supporting businesses in Melbourne as they adjust to a new business landscape.

Since the advent of COVID-19, remote work has become the standard for much of Australia – a trend set to stay even as we return to normal. However, despite this working revolution, secure shredding services remain as important as ever!

Secure Shredding Services in a Changing World

Before remote work became prevalent, documents would often be collected in offices to be stored, sorted, and eventually shredded. However, with more of us working from home than ever before, many are expected to deal with these documents on their own. This often means storage in the home, either in a home office or anywhere space is available. 

How Secure Shredding Services are Changing Businesses

Ensuring Security When Working Remotely

While it’s tempting to assume that our homes are safe at all times, this is far from reality. Break-ins are disturbingly common throughout Australia, and, while most burglars seek more obvious valuables, it’s all too easy to quickly grab a bunch of documents with potential trade secrets, personal information, credit card details, or whatever else on the way out. With online scams, hacking, and identity theft always an issue in the modern world, it’s vital that we treat sensitive documents the same as if we were in the office.

Book a Secure Shredding Service for Your Employees

As most don’t personally own a shredder nor wish to waste time shredding, the most efficient and secure option to circumvent these issues is hiring a professional shredding service like ours. You can book our service to visit each of your employees’ properties with our industrial-grade, fully mobile shredders to pick up and securely destroy all unneeded documents either at their homes or on an alternative site of your choice. With full monitoring of shredding activity via CCTV, you don’t even have to be present to guarantee the safety of your company and employees.


Don’t get lax about security just because you’re no longer in the office. Contact iShred today to arrange secure shredding for remote-working employees and continue down the path to success in this exciting age of business!

Secure Shredding Services Melbourne

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