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Are you in the security industry? iShred can help keep your business and clients safe with Security Document Destruction.

Along with convenience and organisation, iShred is a leader when it comes to document shredding for the Melbourne security and protection industry. Do you have confidential documents that need destroying? You can count on iShred to handle them with care. All private information will be safely and securely rendered unusable. 

Protect Your Clients

When dealing with client information, it’s of vital importance you understand how to protect it. Simply putting it away, even under lock and key, is not nearly enough. You need to create a secure database that keeps client information accessible by the right people but still safe. Even outside of client information, elements like business plans, contracts, resumes, manuals, and financial statements all contain sensitive information worthy of stringent protection.

Security Document Destruction

Be on the Right Side of Privacy Laws

One of the most important elements of database creation is knowing when information needs to be removed. For this, an understanding of Australian privacy laws is absolutely essential for the majority of business owners. Of course, within these laws are stipulations demanding the careful destruction of certain unneeded data, and not following them can land your security business in hot water.

Protect Your Business with Security Document Destruction

Rather than simply throwing them away or locking them up, the most effective and safe method to get rid of these documents is by booking a secure document destruction service. iShred uses mobile, industrial-grade shredders that can be easily transported to your site,  preventing anything from leaving the building in one piece. We conceived our service as a way to plug up the numerous gaping holes we saw in Melbourne’s security industry. The goal? To provide a comprehensive programme that ticks all the boxes for total security, privacy, and convenience at an affordable price.


Contact iShred today to get your security plan up to date with the latest innovations, and join us in our quest to beef up Melbourne’s protection industry!

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