Sensitive Document Shredding for Your Home or Business

Bank statements, personal information, and other sensitive information must always be disposed of correctly. Sensitive Document Shredding is the best way to keep your identity safe.

Sensitive document shredding is best completed by professionals in the industry to ensure that private data is destroyed correctly. Sensitivity is number one priority when destruction of personal information is at play.

Destruction of documents can be a time-consuming task. With many individuals and companies time poor, using professional document destruction services means that there is no time wasted. These document destruction companies have commercial machinery that gets the job done quickly and efficiently… destroyed with safety every time.

Sensitive Document Shredding

With iShred, we can provide secure bins that can be left onsite on a regular basis or as a once off service. Whether you prefer onsite document shredding or offsite destruction, it is a cost-effective option that won’t break the budget. You can relax knowing that your sensitive information will not get into the wrong hands.

All paper is 100% recycled when iShred completes the work. Like all top product destruction services, iShred is an i-Sigma member and provides a destruction certificate once the service is completed. With identity fraud a threat to everyone, it is vital that sensitive documents are not thrown away in normal bins as they become easily accessible to those looking to steal others’ personal information. This service is accessible to all, whether you are looking to do a personal clean up in your home or want to destroy company information that needs to be completely obliterated.

iShred provides an optimum service that continues to put security first. Contact us today to get a quote on a regular document shredding service or a once off service. iShred is not only i-Sigma approved but also provides a document destruction certificate once the service is finished. You get peace of mind every time.


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