Shredding Bin Hire – Safely Store Outdated Documents

Improve your paper management game with secure Shredding Bin Hire, ensuring your outdated documents are secure until your next service.

Customers receiving our secure, on-site document destruction shredding service can opt for specially designed lockable shredding bin hire to be left on the premises.  

What is Shredding Bin Hire? 

Acting as a secure depository for unneeded documents, shredding bins help declutter your workspace while keeping their contents safe until the next scheduled shredding. Simply pop whatever you want into the bin to be destroyed at a later date. Documents can include papers, invoices, files, folders, receipts, manuals, books, cards, resumes, badges, and more, which will be securely locked away only to be opened and devoured by one of our industrial-grade shredders at a time suiting you.

What kind of shredding bins are available? 

We offer shredding bins in two sizes – 140 litres and 240 litres. You are free to change the size of the bin anytime you wish. We will deliver the bin of your choice straight to your site.

Shredding Bin Hire

Where should I place my shredding bin? 

Shredding bins can be placed anywhere around the office, warehouse, or home. They should be placed indoors in a location inaccessible to the public.  

How secure are shredding bins?  

Fitted with a self-closing lock to ensure documents remain safe, our shredding bins are the epitome of security! We also provide a key in case an item needs to be retrieved at a later date. Once the appointed time arrives, we visit your property with our shredders to destroy the contents of the box on-site. We then personally see to it that the shredded remains are securely recycled.

Shredding bin hire is a key part of a comprehensive solution for your business’ security and organisational needs! Call or email iShred today for more information.


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