Shredding Bins

Shredding Bins

Shredding Bins – Security While You Wait

How important are shredding bins? If you value security, the answer is that they are vital!

What is just as, if not more important though is how the records are stored while awaiting destruction. Shredding bins are the perfect solution.

Most government regulations allow strangers to rifle through regular garbage bins without any consequence. It is mostly legal, meaning anyone could get something out of an unsecured container. Unless you use secure, dedicated shredding bins.

Most document shredding service providers offer secure shredding bins. The shredding service provider, whose sole purpose is to destroy documents and prevent their misuse, will often leave the secure shredding bins with a business and return later when they are ready for the data to be destroyed.

These secure bins protect your business until document destruction can occur, and there are both mobile and off-site shredding options available. The use of shredding bins is an essential safeguard against the theft of intellectual property and the protection of sensitive data.

Most businesses have access to confidential information like home addresses, credit card details, phone numbers, payroll records and other sensitive data. If the public acquires this information due to improper disposal methods, the business may be liable for breaching compliance regulations and privacy laws.

Even a simple piece of information such as a phone number or address can be used for devious purposes by thieves. Whether they are clients or employees, keeping confidential data safe is essential to the reputation of your business.

Identity theft is on the rise, and a company with a reputation for being too relaxed with sensitive information is unlikely to prosper if clients and employees can’t trust the organisation to keep them safe. Virtually all data is confidential in some way, and there are laws protecting consumers and staff from the negligent disposal of documents.

Shredding bins are an important component in keeping businesses and employees safe, they protect sensitive data and allow companies to safely dispose of documents without fear of it falling into the wrong hands.

At iShred, your security is our priority. We provide a number of services, including shredding bins, onsite document destruction and e-media destruction.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can keep your business safe.

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